We will clean up your books and set up so it is easy going forward. 

You are behind in your bookkeeping process, tax time is just around the corner and you feel overwhelmed by all that needs to happen to get your books in order. I would love the opportunity to help you detangle the mess. Book a FREE consultation today. 

About me

I help small businesses increase profits and save time by optimizing their books with the best bookkeeping strategies.

My love for numbers and data have paved the way to starting this bookkeeping business. I love to help small businesses thrive and grow. I am very proactive and reachable, my motto is “I am here to help”. I currently live in Odessa, FL with my family


My books are messy, what do I do?

I can clean them up for you. Having clean and accurate books will help you make better decisions for the growth of your business, not to mention minimize your tax liability.

What's the consultation like? 

The free consultation consists of questions and answers. I am not a sales person, so don't expect a sales pitch. I want to know about your business, find out your pain points and that's it. With the information I learn from our conversation, I will be able to write you a proposal tailored to your needs, no more and no less. 

How much does it cost? 

Your monthly fee will be based on your specific needs. My fees are competetive with the current market, and you will get more for it. I go beyond basic bookkeeping and proactivaley support your business growth. 

Do I have to commit to an annual contract? 

No. You get service on a month-to-month basis, no long term contracts. 

Do you do taxes? 

No. Having a professional who specializes in taxes is your best bet to keep most of your money in your pocket. I am happy to refer you to a professional. 

How do I know I need a bookkeeper?  

If you are spending 10 hours or more on bookkeeping each month, it's time to consider getting help. Imagine what you could do to grow your business if you have 10 additional hours a month (120 hours in a year). You categorize your expenses, and income, and you only run your P&L reports at tax time because you don't have the time to do so every month. Knowing the flow of cash that's going on in your business every month, is crucial for continual growth. A bookkeeper will deliver that information to you without any hassle or stress. I go one step beyond by pointing out to you exactly where to look in your reports. 

What if I have a question not answered in this FAQ? 

Just email me at info@matosbookkeeping.com. I will answer them within 24 hours. 

How many hours a month do you spend working on your books? Could you be bringing in more sale with that time?

Outsource your bookkeeping and see more time and money in your hands.

When you work with me, you will get more than just the basic bookkeeping function. I proactively support your financial goals by helping you understand your reports based on your business goals. 

I am currently in Lutz, Florida. Thanks to technology I can work with small business virtually anywhere!

Schedule a FREE phone consultation to see how having a bookkeeper can benefit your business.

contact: cristina@matosbookkeeping.com

phone: 813 863 1120

Benefits of Working with Matos Bookkeeping Solutions


great return of investment. Easier and more affordable than hiring an in-house bookkeeper or using a CPA. 

Clean books

if your books are currently a mess, I will get them cleared up. Moving forward they will be accurate and up to date.


your bookkeeping system will be streamlined with Quickbooks and connected apps, saving time and money.


between additional profit and tax savings, clients can improve their cash position by thousands.

Accurate tax returns

clean and accurate books yield better information for your tax preparer.

Move toward your goals

beyond just providing you P&L reports and Balance Sheets, your business goals are kept front and center every month. I help you understand your data.